Clear, provocative, and persuasive, Ever Green is an inspiring call to action to conserve Earth’s irreplaceable wild woods, counteract climate change, and save the planet.

Five stunningly large forests remain on Earth: the Taiga, extending from the Pacific Ocean across all of Russia and far-northern Europe; the North American boreal, ranging from Alaska’s Bering seacoast to Canada’s Atlantic shore; the Amazon, covering almost the entirety of South America’s bulge; the Congo, occupying parts of six nations in Africa’s wet equatorial middle; and the island forest of New Guinea, twice the size of California.

These megaforests are vital to preserving global biodiversity, thousands of cultures, and a stable climate, as economist John  Reid and celebrated biologist Thomas E. Lovejoy argue convincingly in Ever Green. Megaforests serve an essential role in decarbonizing the atmosphere—the boreal alone holds 1.8 trillion metric tons of carbon in its deep soils and peat layers, 190 years’ worth of global emissions at 2019 levels—and saving them is the most immediate and affordable large-scale solution to our planet’s most formidable ongoing crisis.

Reid and Lovejoy offer practical solutions to address the biggest challenges these forests face, from vastly expanding protected areas, to supporting Indigenous forest stewards, to planning smarter road networks. In gorgeous prose that evokes the majesty of these ancient forests along with the people and animals who inhabit them, Reid and Lovejoy take us on an exhilarating global journey.

World-renowned photographer and forest activist Sebastião Salgado generously contributed several photographs to Ever Green. Marcos Amend provided his epic image of an arapaima, tasty leviathan of Amazonian lakes. And Ever Green’s maps were created by the one-of-a-kind talent, illustrator David Atkinson.

A Few Great Orgs

Ever Green charts a clear path for policy makers and suggests ways we can all help save the megaforests through our daily decisions about what to eat, build, and buy, where to go, and how to get there. You can make a difference as a voter and by raising your voice for forests and climate within your political party, whatever it may be.

Ever Green readers are also asking where they can give money. There are lots of good choices, from global organizations to highly local ones. Our suggestions focus on small groups you may not have heard of, organizations we got to know researching and writing Ever Green that are doing essential work to protect the weave of nature and cultures that make up the megaforests.