“A very clear-eyed, practical and persuasive plan for how to save these forests, and maybe the rest of us in the process.”

― Richard Powers, Author of The Overstory, The Ezra Klein Show


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Nothing could be more important than saving the world’s last remaining forests, and no one could make a more eloquent case for this than John Reid and Thomas Lovejoy. Ever Green is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of life.
Elizabeth Kolbert
Author of Under a White Sky and The Sixth Extinction
“Ever Green,” for all its scholarly precision, is ultimately an impassioned plea to save the world’s last great wild places by two men who had come, through long professional acquaintance, to love them. Readers will find their passion to be contagious.
The Washington Post
Five giant forests―Amazon, Congo, New Guinea, and two taigas―holding carbon, diverse life, and the fate of the planet. This is a profoundly important, fresh-minded, deftly written, and constructive book. Therefore it’s also thrilling.
David Quammen
Author of The Tangled Tree and Song of the Dodo
Captivating.... A highly readable, eloquent reminder of the dire importance of our forests.
Starred review
In the preservation of the remaining great forest landscapes of the world lies the very hope and perhaps the only hope of humanity to find a new way of living on this planet.… Ever Green itself is a prayer for the well-being of the earth
Wade Davis
Author of One River and Into the Silence
The authors expertly and enthusiastically illuminate the intricately webbed fecundity of these vast forests...Reid and Lovejoy write extensively about the importance of supporting Indigenous land rights and their work as stewards for the forests that nurtured their ancestors for millennia...With stunning photographs, lively anecdotes, fresh perspectives, spirited prose, and realistic and just solutions, this is deeply informative and inspiring forest advocacy.
Starred review
An appeal to both the mind and the heart.
The Boston Globe
John Reid and Thomas Lovejoy’s compelling and crucial narrative takes us to the astonishing intact cores of these lungs of our planet, these libraries of life that harbor diverse Indigenous peoples and multitudinous other-than-human beings. That so much remains is a welcome and uplifting revelation.
Carl Safina
Author of Becoming Wild and Beyond Words
A very clear-eyed, practical and persuasive plan for how to save these forests, and maybe the rest of us in the process.
Richard Powers
Author of The Overstory, The Ezra Klein Show
John Reid and Thomas Lovejoy make clear that the only way the world can prevent the worst of the coming climate disaster is by preserving and restoring its remaining megaforests.… Ever Green is a blueprint for saving megaforests, and saving ourselves.
Scott Weidensaul
Author of A World on the Wing
[Reid and Lovejoy] convincingly argue in this trenchant work that preserving Earth’s five megaforests is vital to stop climate change.... The authors depict the flora and fauna of these far-flung locations in vivid descriptions that chart how each species is part of a vast ecosystem, and make a strong case for the inherent value of the plants, animals, and people that live in the megaforests. This clarion call should have a spot on the shelves of climate-minded readers.
Publishers Weekly
Captivating.... A highly readable, eloquent reminder of the dire importance of our forests.
Mike Sendler

John W. Reid

John has been working for forests since 1991. Early in his career he realized that the analytical tools and insights of economics were almost entirely missing from the conservation movement and were crucial for understanding the pressures on nature and the solutions most likely to succeed. In 1998 he founded Conservation Strategy Fund…

Thomas E. Lovejoy

Tom’s first encounter with a large forest was when he arrived at Belem, Brazil, the port city of the Amazon, in June of 1965. The dreams he had of a PhD in East Africa were immediately and permanently eclipsed by the experience of being in the world’s largest tropical forest, which was the size of the contiguous 48 states. It…

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